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E's 3: Wedding Planners

If you are looking for a paper wedding planner to help you keep your details together and provide a space to make those never ending to do lists, I got you covered! Here are my top 3 wedding planners to help YOU design your ideal day!

Written and designed from a Catholic Perspective, this planner helps you stay focused on the most important aspect of the day - the Sacrament! The Covenant Planner not only helps you prepare for your wedding, but it will help you prepare for your marriage with extra journal page reflections.

I have personally been a fan of Emily Ley's planners for years, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw she had a wedding planner! This planner is perfect for the aesthetic bride who loves the extra pretty detail. They also have gold pens and gold stickers to enhance your paper planning experience.

Rated #1 wedding website for a reason, The Knot is the place to go for the latest wedding trends, tips, and extensive to do list. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide this wedding planner binder is for you. Also, if you love lists as much as I do, check out The Knot Book of Wedding Lists!

Additional Resource

The Catholic Bridal Collective is a online resource available for Catholic couples to get connected with vendors who share your beliefs and value the Sacrament. Their online directory features vendors in every area of the United States. No matter where you are, you can get connected with vendors who will best execute your Sacred day!



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