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E's 3: Ways to show appreciation for your wedding vendors

For a successful wedding day you need multiple people helping you! You will have a whole team of people dedicated to executing YOUR vision and capturing your day. This can include photographers, videographers, musicians, caterers, bartenders, DJs, bands, hair and makeup artists, coach bus drivers, church coordinators, and even family and friends. Many people have come together to make your wedding day beautiful. Be sure to extend extra kindness and appreciation. A little bit can go a long way! Here are three ways you can show appreciation for your wedding vendors.

1. Communicate details and connect them with each other before your wedding day.
The more details the better! The more you can share with your vendors on the vision and the logistics, the more prepared your vendors will be for your wedding day. If you want something to happen, give your vendors all the tools they need to complete the tasks. For example, adding notes about where reception decor will be stored before and after the wedding will help your decor team get your space set up and torn down efficiently; Notating family dynamics or expectations for family photos will help your photographer; providing names and phone numbers for family members assisting with wedding day tasks will help your wedding coordinator. The more your vendors know about your day, your vision, your family, your expectations, and the logistics, the more smoothly the day will run.

2. Remember to include vendors in your head count for dinner and reserve a separate table for them (ideally out of the way / near the back of the room).
Your vendors need to eat too! It can be a long day for photographers, videographers, and coordinators. Show your appreciation by making sure they are well fed and hydrated throughout the day. Keep some extra snacks / water bottles at getting ready spaces for your vendors. Make sure to think of them when you order in lunch for the bridal party and give your final guest count to your venue for dinner. Reserving a table at the reception for your vendors gives them a drop off zone for their equipment and a place where they can rest in between the main events of the reception.

3. Write a thank you with a gift and/or gratuity.
Although not always expected, including a tip/gift for your wedding vendors is a gesture of appreciation, and shows that you value their time and talent. You can also create gift bags for your vendors as a way to say, "thank you!" Each vendor is different, so each thank you gift can be personalized for them. You can pass off these cards or gifts to your wedding coordinator who will hand them out throughout the day to your vendors.

Wondering how much to give as a tip? Consult these Gratuity Suggestions

Bonus Tip: If you loved a wedding vendor and had a great experience, write a review for them! Or, recommend them to your family and friends.The best marketing for small businesses is word of mouth and personal testimonials. Show your support!



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