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E's 3: Reception Desserts

Updated: Feb 20

You might still see traditional sheet cake or cupcakes at a wedding, but they are becoming less common. I've seen a trend towards fun or personalized desserts for guests and I am LOVING it! Having a sweet treat that is more unique leaves your guests with something to talk about. Over the years I've seen a variety of dessert options, including personalized chocolates or cake pops at each place that doubles as a wedding favor.

What's been your most memorable wedding dessert experience?

1. Personalized Table Desserts

Imagine having a dessert board or a plate of homemade cookies at the center of your table? Yum, count me in!!! Including desserts at your guests tables is a great way to make sure everyone enjoys the sweet treat. Plus, if your guests want to live by the motto of "eat dessert first!" this is the perfect opportunity for them to grab some bites. This also can help alleviate a bottleneck around a dessert table. And as a bonus, they can double as a centerpiece for your table.

Pro Tip: Include a sign that lists the dessert items and any dietary notes.

2. Donut Wall

In my opinion, the donut wall should never go out of style! This fun dessert display also adds a decor piece to your reception. Having different kinds of donuts adds color, texture, and "confetti" flare! It's also fun to include some bowls of donut holes for guests who prefer a bite of the goodie.

Pro Tip: In order to keep your donuts separated so they don't stick together, add a paper doily between each donut.

3. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

The build your own ice cream sundae bar is a winner, especially at a summer wedding. This gives your guests a more interactive dessert experience and allows them to create their own delicious masterpiece. You can also have ice cream (or gelato!) served to your guests if you're looking for a fun dessert to add to a formal plated dinner.

Pro Tip: Include a sherbet or dairy free alternative for those guests with a food allergy.

Life is short. Eat dessert first.

xoxo, E

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