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E's 3: Catholic Marriage Books to enrich your relationship!

Catholic Marriage Books

Are you looking for marriage books to read (or listen to!) that will help enrich your relationship with your future spouse? These are 3 of my favorite books that I read during my own engagement season. I found them filled with practical tips, fun stories, unique perspectives, and uplifting messages.

the good, the messy, the beautiful. Dr. Edward & Beth Sri

Written by Dr. Ed Sri & his wife, Beth, this book will provide you with practical tips, hilarious stories, and a wealth of wisdom as you prepare to enter into the Sacrament of Marriage. After 20+ years of marriage, this couple shares their own story and offers helpful suggestions on how to set yourself up for a thriving marriage. I promise you will be entertained and get lots of laughs!

habits for healthy marriage

One aspect of this book I truly enjoyed was all the stories. Each chapter begins with a story of a couple highlighting their particular conflict and struggle. Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons uses his forty years as a psychiatrist to create a list of common issues he sees in marriage and offers solutions rooted in virtues.
  • Forgiveness Reduces Anger

  • Generosity Conquers Selfishness

  • Respect Overcomes the Urge to Control

  • Responsibility Closes Emotional Distance

  • Trust Calms Anxiety

  • Hope Reduces Sadness and Loneliness

  • Gratitude Builds Confidence

  • Prudence Improves Communication

  • Temperance Restrains Compulsions and Infidelity

  • Justice Prevents Divorce

  • Loyalty Lessens the Retreat from Marriage

  • Humility Fosters Self-Knowledge

5 love languages

Do you want an insight into how your spouse (or future spouse) gives and receives love? Gary Chapman shares the 5 ways in which people give and receive love, with examples for category. Through this book, you'll learn what each love language craves and how to meet that need. This powerful tool will help transform your relationship and renew your love for your spouse (or future spouse).

How do you receive and give love?
  • Acts of Service

  • Physical Touch

  • Receiving Gifts

  • Quality Time

  • Words of Affirmation

Take the FREE love languages quiz online!

Happy reading, friends!



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