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E's 3: Marriage Preparation

Updated: Feb 20

Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of your life! It is also the beginning of your marriage and your life together as husband and wife. This day is just the start! Taking the proper time to prepare your mind, heart, and soul will allow you to experience amazing graces on your wedding day and give you incredible tools for the rest of your life.

Learning how to blend your lives together can be challenging or frustrating at times, while you are seeking to understand your fiancé. The Church has some amazing tools, retreats, and programs to help you understand and love more deeply during your engagement season. Your parish marriage preparation program will lead you through discussions and prayer as you continue to grow closer to your wedding day. Here are a few additional marriage preparation programs that you can do on your own (even if you aren't engaged yet but want to prepare your heart!) to navigate engagement well and feel prepared to enter into marriage.

Emily Wilson has created an online course to provide support for women who are in the midst of engagement. How do you live this season well? How do you keep your peace when your world is in constant change? Emily invites you into a beautiful space for a conversation about what really matters (Hint. It's your heart!).

She also offers a a free e-book called 50 MUST ASK Questions for engaged couples. to help in your discernment and to help deepen your relationship.
Even if you aren't engaged yet, this program will provide you with a valuable formation as you pursue your call and vocation of marriage. You'll learn more deeply about marriage and prepare to enter into the Sacrament! Laura walks you through this intellectual and practical formation so you can be ready to jump into your vocation with freedom, love, and joy.

Known for their exceptional programs, resources, and guides for Catholic to live boldly, Dynamic Catholic has put together a rich set of resources for couples preparing for marriage. With over 70 short videos, a workbook, and a marriage prep inventory, you'll become the best versions of yourselves with this program.

Engagement is an exciting time! As you continue your preparation, know that I am praying for you. I encourage you to keep your minds opens and hearts willing to receive the gifts the Lord has for you in this season.



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