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Molly & Jason

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

When I first met Molly, I quickly knew that we would be friends. She is a kind hearted and Christ centered woman who is always ready for an adventure. We were blessed to have 2 years together as roommates, filled with plenty of girl talk surrounding love, dating, relationships, and marriage. So, you can imagine the excitement I had when I learned that she was dating a guy named Jason!! I love them both and it was an honor to be a part of their special day.

Despite some challenges that came with 2020 Weddings, Molly & Jason were able to have a beautiful day of celebration in his hometown of Rock Rapids, IA.

Wedding Theme

Sweet Country Love. Molly's colors included navy blue, white, gold, and some hints of pink.

A few of my favorite things...

Groom's Details - Jason's love of Marvel movies made it into his big day! He and all the groomsmen had customized superhero socks. Navy and gold of course!

Memorable Moment - When Jason first met Molly, he was working at the Lyon County Reporter, just down the road from his parent's farm in Rock Rapids.

Prayerful preparation - Immediately before the wedding ceremony began, Molly & Jason were prayed over by their wedding party. Bridesmaids, Mothers, and grandmothers gathered around Molly as the groomsmen, fathers, a grandfathers laid their hands on Jason.

Getaway in Style - As a special wedding gift, Jason's dad and older brother fixed up Jason's convertible, so he could use it as the getaway car. What a special send off for the bride and groom!



Invitations - Advent Studio

Decor/Florist - Molly's Aunt

Photographer - Eric Vest

Dessert - HyVee

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