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Emma & Joe

A week after Easter, in a Cathedral still decorated in Easter glory, Emma & Joe celebrated the Sacrament of Matrimony. They first met in a Catholic Studies class at the University of St. Thomas. Friendship turned into romance and as they say, "the rest is history!" It was a joy for me to celebrate with them. Their love for each other shown all day and their joy was contagious. It was hard not to smile when you saw the newly wed couple glowing.

Wedding Theme

Light Colors.Sage. Greenery. Gold accents.

A few of my favorite things...

The Wedding Colors - The beginning of Spring calls for a light color palette. The dark black accented against a light purple created an elegant statement. I love this shade of purple because it is a neutral color that looks great with all skin types!

Reception Vibe - With a rustic charm, Furber Farms created the perfect backdrop for Emma & Joe. Alternating centerpieces included gold vases, glass candle holders, mirrors, and greenery to create the elegant atmosphere. Personally, gold accents are always my favorite because they add warmth to the space.

The detail - You know I am a sucker for the details! At each place, Emma & Joe left a thank you note with a green spring tied with a ribbon. The extra touch was just another example of their attentiveness to their guests.

Black & White Photography

I loved that Emma & Joe's wedding photographer sent black and white pictures with their album! B/W pictures showcase your wedding with an extra touch of classiness and elegance.Look at these amazing moments!



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