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Megan & William

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

The joy and love that flowed throughout this day only became stronger and stronger with every hour. Megan & William are the people that walk into the space and quickly fill it with their bright smiles and warm hugs. Their desire for the day was to focus on the Liturgy of the Mass and create a celebration that everyone would enjoy. They were successful: not even the spring showers could take away the sunshine for this happy couple on their special day.

Wedding Theme

Magical & whimsical country elegance. Light blue. Fresh greenery.

A few of my favorite things...

Reception Space - Stunning. Absolutely stunning! Walking into this decorated venue felt like walking into an enchanted evening of whimsical elegance. The light colors paired with the greenery kept the atmosphere light and airy. The small fairy lights in the center of the tables added a magical touch. And can we talk about those chandeliers hanging from the ceiling?! Breathtaking.

Goat Feeding - At Almquist Farm, they have goats and chickens running around by the barn. What's the best part? You can feed them and pet them! Megan & Will brought bags of Veggie Straws for guests to feed the goats. Everyone wanted a turn to say hi to these barnyard friends!

The Guestbook - The polaroid camera guest book is always a favorite of mine! I loved how Megan & Will encouraged guests to take a couple pictures and save one as a memory of the day. If you'd like to do something similar, there are different ways you can display the pictures. Have your guests tape them in a book, hang them from string in a frame or on a board, or put them in a jar.

Pictures with each guest table - Right after dinner, Megan & Will had the duration of one song to run around the reception and grab a picture with every guest table. Not only does it become a fun game to see if you can finish before the song, but it is also a great opportunity to quickly connect with your guests. Plus, it gives you plenty of snapshot memories! (Look closely and you'll find Andrew & I)



Caterer - Tinucci's

Bar Service - Almquist Farm

Florist - Wedding Your Way

Videographer - Megan Braun

Dessert - Homemade by a family friend! So yummy!

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