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Maddi & Peter

Updated: Feb 20

Maddi & Peter's deeply rooted love for the Lord was evident in the way they planned their day, surrounded by prayer and centered on the Sacrament. The couple understood the importance of prioritizing the moments that truly mattered. By giving their wedding party extra time for prayer and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, they invited their family and friends to do the same. The day was beautiful and filled with many graces and blessings, as Maddi & Peter gave witness to the joy that comes from the Lord!

Wedding Theme

Gold. Mauve. Classy Elegance.

A few of my favorite things...

A special moment - Immediately after their ceremony, Maddi & Peter went to the adoration chapel for a private moment of prayer and Thanksgiving. I love this idea of having your first few moments of married life together in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Soak up those graces! Make time for the moments that matter, because the day really does fly by.

Groomsmen Photoshoot - These guys knew how to have a good time! Connected to the school attached to the church, there was a playground that the groomsmen used for part of their photoshoot. The laughter and joy was contagious!

The JOY - Maddi & Peter's relationship is built on the firm foundation of their Catholic Faith and love of the Lord. This became so evident to me as I worked with them, and my clearly was evident on their wedding day. As a result, they share a joy with their friends and family that immediately touches your heart and warms your soul. Kelsey captured them perfectly during her shoot with them. Just look at this love and joy!!

The Details - Little things can make the biggest difference when it comes to wedding reception decor. A couple of my favorite details from Maddi & Peter's wedding was the hints of gold and personal touches through the reception. One of my favorites, was the Polaroid pictures documenting their relationship, that were scattered throughout the reception hall.



Venue - Lowell Inn

Caterer - Lowell Inn

Photographer - Kelsey Green

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