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Genny & Mason

Getting married in early January (in Minnesota!) can cause some concerns about the weather and travel arrangements for your guests. What if there is a blizzard and everyone gets stuck? What if it is so cold outside that everyone is miserable? Luckily for Genny & Mason those worries never materialized and they lucked out on the most beautiful January winter wedding. While it was chilly outside, temperatures allowed for safe travel, easy logistics, and even outdoor picture sessions! The day felt magical and festive since it was just a few short weeks away from Christmas and New Years Eve. The day was stunning.

Wedding Theme

Cozy Christmas meets a classy evening party with a hint of NYE - Rich green, gold, cream, and black.

A Few of my Favorite Things

Genny's Veil - I was blown away by the intricate detail and length of Genny's veil! Resembling a chapel veil and the Blessed Mother's mantle, the rich details beautifully framed her face. The veil stole the show as she walked down the aisle. Just take a look at it!

Basilica - I was deeply struck by the beauty of this Minneapolis Basilica. The downtown Church is stunning! Each time I visit the Church, I am inspired and drawn into the richness that elevates my worship and prayer. The details of the ceiling, the baldacchino, the deep wood tones, and the bright altar area draw your eye right into the central point of the celebration of the Eucharist. The outside is just as beautiful. (Pro tip: It's great to grab a quick picture of yourselves outside the Church!)

Bagpipe Entrance - Imagine walking into your reception with your cheering bridal party followed by a bagpipe band. It was as iconic as it sounds! Genny & Mason were escorted into their reception space with a bagpipe band! They played a few tunes for everyone to enjoy as they processed in and out of the space. What a great nod to Genny's Irish family heritage!

The Band - The dance floor was hopping all night long!! It was only during the band's breaks in between sets that guests were taking a break. Having live music at a reception elevates the whole experience for your guests and gives them an engaging dancing experience. The open atrium provided an excellent opportunity for the acoustics to reverberate throughout the entire area, creating an immersive experience.



Caterer - Donatelli's

Photographer - Garrett Super

Videographer - Tyler Meyer

Florist - LeeAnn Murdock

Dessert - Costco / Lunds and Byerlys

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