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Show up as the BEST wedding guest!

What does it take to be an amazing wedding guest? How can you best show up for the couple on their wedding day?

It is an honor to be invited to a wedding. Clearly the couple values your friendship and they want to share this amazing moment with you!

You'll want to show up as your best self, ready to embrace and enjoy every moment of the celebration.

Here are 5 easy ways you can make sure you show up as the best wedding guest!

1. RSVP before the deadline.

Don’t make the couple track you down to get your answer. Let them know as soon as you confirm your plans. It’s an honor to be invited and respectful to respond either way.

2. Be respectful of the couple’s decisions.

Does your invitation include a plus one? Were you asked to leave kids at home and have a date night out? Is the couple requesting that everyone wearing black to match a theme? Is there a request for guests to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony? Be mindful of requests and special traditions of the couple. Remember this is their big day that they have been intentionally planning for months!

3. Be considerate with your gift.

Even if you can’t make it to the wedding, it is appropriate to send a gift or card to the couple. It is best to choose a gift from the couple’s registry, since they put together a lot of items they need and want. If you would like to gift a larger item, consider sending it ahead of time or choose a smaller gift that is easily transportable to the reception. This will help the couple later when they pack up, especially if they are transporting all their items to another state after the wedding.

4. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the ceremony begins.

You want to give yourself time to park, walk into the ceremony, and not awkwardly collide with bridal party lining up in the back of the Church. Unexpected delays can come up, so adding in some extra time will help you stay present in each moment and not arrive stressed.

5. Come ready to PARTY, celebrate the couple, and enjoy the moment!

Get yourself out on that dance floor! Mingle with other guests and maybe you’ll even make some new friends. Bring your party energy and enjoy celebrating the new couple all night!



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