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Living Lent as a Catholic couple

This might be your 1st Lent together as a couple (like us!) or your 10th Lent together. As we enter into this time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, it can be a beautiful way to enter more deeply into your marriage by choosing something that will bring a positive impact to your relationship with God and with your spouse.

Lent is the time for us to deeply nurture our personal relationship with God and to become more like the person He has created you to be. The next 40 days can be a time of sacrifice, mortification, and also abundant grace. As you take a look at your life, ask yourself, "What is getting in the way of me loving God and loving my spouse joyfully?" "What distractions are causing me to lose my focus on what really matters in my life" "What conveniences have you become too attached to?"

Are you looking for some ways to journey through Lent as a couple? Here are some ideas centered around the pillars of Lent: prayer, fasting, almsgiving!


  • Commit to 10-30 mins of prayer as a couple

  • Participate in a Lenten Bible Study

  • Find a local marriage retreat to attend

  • Pray a Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet together each day

  • Attend daily Mass together

  • Make a weekly visit to the Adoration Chapel

  • Pray the Stations of the Cross together on Friday

  • Read a marriage book or a spiritual enriching book


  • Give up some sleep by waking up 15mins earlier in the morning to connect (over a hot coffee or tea!) and talk about how the Lord is working in your life

  • Give up watching TV or movies and plan date nights where you can connect and have quality time. (Make dinner with a new recipe, play a game, build a Lego creation)

  • Give up having your phones at the dining room table or for a certain amount of time in the evenings in order to pray, connect, and share stories from the day

  • Give up going out to eat (Commit to more home cooked meals and new recipes)

  • Give up getting coffee or teas from coffee shops (Make yours at home instead!)


  • Use money usually spent on date nights out to give to your local parish

  • Keep a change jar on the kitchen counter and fill it with extra change or small bills to give to your favorite charity

  • Volunteer as a couple at a local charity or food pantry

  • Find a new charity that is of interest to you and your spouse and send a donation to them

  • Become involved in a ministry or service group at your parish

Happy Lent!

xoxo, E

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