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E's Catholic Couple Gift Guide

Another wedding Save the Date or Invitation hits your mailbox and lands on your refrigerator. It's time to start thinking about that perfect gift for the happy couple! You might start looking through their registry or thinking of some classic newlywed must haves. Do you get kitchen towels, the matching cocktail glasses, or maybe the fun game? Or, are you looking for something that will help the couple build up a holy, healthy, Catholic marriage?

This is an amazing opportunity to support the couple as they begin their new life together, joining their hearts and souls together to form their own domestic church. A gift rooted in faith and focused on beauty gives them a treasure they can cherish forever.

If you're looking for that extra special gift for the bride & groom, I put together a Catholic Couple gift guide that includes 16 of my favorite items! Choose an item that allows the couple to pray, fill their home with beauty, celebrate the liturgical seasons, or invest in their relationship. Let's celebrate the true beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage and the gift of our faith!

Brides and grooms: These items are also great to add to your registry! What a beautiful way to allow others to bless you. Not only will you have special items in your home, but it will also remind you of the friend or family member that gave you the gift.

gifts for the Catholic couples in your life
Elizabeth's Catholic Couple Gift Guide

Gift Guide Links:

  1. Holy Water Font from The Catholic Company

  2. The Gospels from Word on Fire

  3. Rosaries from West Coast Catholic

  4. Catechism of the Catholic Church from Ascension Press

  5. Marriage Crucifix from The Catholic Company

  6. The Joy of Marriage Print from Simply Joyful Prints

  7. Faith-based candles from Corda Candles

  8. Theology of Home from Theology of Home

  9. Humans of Heaven from the January Jane Shop

  10. Advent Wreath from Be A Heart

  11. Nativity Print from Joyfully Said

  12. Living the Seasons from Be A Heart

  13. Drinking with the Saints by Michael P. Foley

  14. The Marriage Journal from Beating 50 Percent

  15. Couples Challenge from The Adventure Challenge

  16. Memories of Us from Beating 50 Percent

Download your own copy of the gift guide list!

Catholic Wedding Gift Guide _ Divinely Designed Events
Download PDF • 2.27MB

xoxo, E

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