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Vendor Highlight: A Conversation with Betsy [Goldhouse Productions]

Betsy _ Goldhouse Productions

Today I am pumped to highlight Betsy from Goldhouse Production! Not only is Betsy a dear friend of mine, she is also an extremely talented videographer. Her artful eye has a passion for creating beauty in a way that will capture your heart and soul.

We created a Question & Answer interview for you to learn about her, her business, her style, and the ways videography can be incorporated into your wedding day to capture those members and help you relive those emotions for the rest of your life.

I am SO excited for you to meet her!


E: Can you share a bit about your background and what drew you to the world of videography and specifically wedding videography? How many years of videography experience do you have? 

B: For as long as I can remember, I have loved the art of Film. Every aspect of it brought me to a unique level of consolation, whether I was creating it or consuming it. It was something in which I felt I could be totally consumed; completely submerged with no proverbial fear of drowning. And while I wouldn’t say it happened by accident, I WOULD say I wasn’t particularly astute to the ways in which the Holy Spirit was leading me throughout the years. Truthfully, those realizations only came later. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

Being from a large family is basically the “Many hands make light work” adage, constantly lived out. By the ripe old age of 9, I had been taught to use our RCA camcorder to help make sure my parents could be in some of the recorded memories too (iykyk). I took to that thing like a duck to water… you could find me at every Birthday party, or family function with that 10lb behemoth perched atop my diminutive 4 ½ foot frame. I’m sure it was a sight to behold.


That led to getting my first camera for my 15th birthday, and while that little point and shoot was a far cry from a cinema camera, it DID have video capability and I absolutely loved being able to create with that thing. I continued to take photos and force my siblings to be in little plays that I would direct. In high school I took a class on photography fundamentals and another on video production my senior year which opened my perspective and awareness immensely. Those who were close to me at the time have mentioned it was right around then that something in me switched.

It was something I was immediately passionate about, and I didn’t even realize the full scope of what could lie ahead. At the time, I still had it in my head that I wanted to be a recording artist, and figured this YouTube thing seemed like a good way to get my music out there… But I quickly noticed that any musician who had any kind of following on YouTube was doing some really cool things with video. Creative things. It wasn’t even the quality that I was noticing, it was unique camera angles, and how they were splicing the videos together. I turned into an absolute sponge, watching hours of YouTube videos from other artists, and soon it wasn’t just musicians I was watching. It was other filmmakers. Videos on color grading. Wedding Films. Reviews on camera gear. It gripped me. But I still didn’t even totally understand that.

After high school, I opted not to go to college, and instead started working a variety of jobs. Whatever it took to pay the bills. I moved quite a lot, but my free time was always spent learning more. I started taking on a few video jobs for friends’ weddings, or a family photo shoot and I funneled all the money I earned from those jobs back into my gear. To begin with… that wasn’t much. But over time, it allowed me to grow my knowledge, my experience, and my equipment exponentially. And slowly through my love of the craft of filmmaking, I was reminded of another love of mine. One that has been engraved in my heart since I was a little girl. Loving others well. Walking with them and sharing in their lives. It’s a beautiful, harmonious thing when you find a place to offer, in tandem, the gifts and the joys that the Lord has given you. I think Wedding Films are a perfect place for that. It’s actually just taking my love of film, and my love of others, and smushing them together into a unique new piece of art - customized so completely to these beautiful souls the Lord has placed in my path. I honestly couldn’t love it more!

E: What inspired the name of GoldHouse Productions? 

B: When I founded GoldHouse Productions, I aimed to illuminate certain values close to my heart. Following my initial consecration to Jesus through Mary shortly after high school, I discovered a profound love for our Blessed Mother—a connection I was determined to nurture. GoldHouse, derived from one of Mary's titles, "House of Gold," encapsulates a sense of regality and eternal significance. This name not only exudes a sense of prominence but also serves as a constant reminder of the apostolic mission that I, along with every Christian/Catholic, am called to fulfill. I sought a name that succinctly communicates my identity, purpose, and the divine support I lean on.

Betsy _ Goldhouse Productions

E: What specific services do you offer to couples looking to capture their wedding day memories?

B: I offer two main styles of wedding films. Docu-Style Films & Highlight Films. 

Our Docu-Style Films are the perfect option for those who have thought "I just want the raw footage" (I promise you don't). They are beautiful & filmic "home video style" recordings that allow you a long-form, behind-the-scenes view of your entire day. All the things you didn't even remember happened! (Not to mention the things you didn't get to see!) 

Words that best describe our Docu-Style Films are: Long-form, raw/unfiltered, & authentic.

Our Highlight Films are the best option for you if you’re looking for a more carefully curated, short-form video that is easy to display in your coffee table video album, share with your friends and family on social media, or more conveniently displayed in a casual viewing session for years to come. Our Highlight films prioritize visual appeal and cinematic storytelling. They feature more creative editing, music, and special effects to evoke emotions and create a visually stunning representation of your wedding day.

Words that best describe our Highlight Films are: Short form, refined & artistic.

E: When filming weddings, what moments or elements do you find most memorable or inspiring?

B: E - that’s like the hardest question. Weddings are just objectively so beautiful, it’s hard to even think about what I find MOST memorable. I’m going to go two-fold here. The first type that sticks out are the moments of stillness leading up to the ceremony. I think any chance you have to interact with just each other as a couple (even by third party - i.e. letter, a prayer around the corner, etc.) is always an immense gift. Those few intentional moments can bring so much peace and grounding in what can often otherwise feel chaotic. The second type is more in the realm of chaos (haha!) I’m not going to lie; I love all things candid! The off the cuff interactions of excitement or spontaneous dancing, or inside jokes. Ugh! It just brings so much humanity to the story. And both play vital roles in your day AND your video.

E: Can you share some of your favorite wedding video projects and what made them special to you?

B: I don’t know if I could say I have a favorite wedding video project because they really are all so unique that I find new and different things to love in each video I produce. They each have their own story, feel, and genre. There is, however, one wedding that sticks out in my mind. Not necessarily as my favorite, but maybe the most formative. It was one I did roughly 8 years ago and was the first wedding I had ever been paid to film. I was so nervous and just wanted to do such a good job for this couple. Working with them was a dream, but at this point in my wedding cinematography career I was just stressed the whole day. I was still learning, and it was so overwhelming. But pushing through that day, and the imposter syndrome that continued to pop up throughout the editing process was a huge part of learning value my own work and capabilities. I look back at that video now, and even though my techniques have matured, my editing has developed more unique characteristics, and my storytelling abilities continue to grow.. I still look back at that film and just have only gratitude and positive nostalgia for that experience and that couple for taking a risk on me. It shaped me and was a big reason I continued to pursue it as a career.

E: What is your approach to editing wedding videos? How would you characterize your unique style or approach as a wedding videographer? 

B: I think our approach is really focused on the sacrament of matrimony. Everything in a film really orbits around it’s central theme. So when the central theme of your film is allowed to be Christ, in the same way that He is the center of this covenant that is taking place, the film becomes something so much more than some nice footage of your day. It really becomes the trailer of your new life together, as two people working together with Christ every. single. day. for the rest of your lives. And it turns that little film into more than just a nice thing to look back on. It turns into something you can look back to both in hard times, and in times full of His grace to be reminded that THIS was where it started. When our love and intentions were purest. When our desire to move together towards Heaven was new and fresh. These were the promises we made. These people that we see standing next to us are those we can turn to for support. It really becomes something so beautiful and powerful.

Betsy _ Goldhouse Productions
E: What advice would you give to couples to help them prepare and stay comfortable during their wedding day? [in regards to videography and being prepared to be in front of a camera]

B: Our goal as wedding filmmakers is to capture your day exactly as it happens. We will rarely ask you to interact with or even look towards the camera (unless that’s something we know you want – i.e. interviews, letters, etc). Every couple, every person is different. Some people LOVE being in front of a camera. They are cracking jokes and looking directly into the camera. Those moments are so fun because it’s so them. But I regularly work with people that don’t love being in front of a camera. And honestly, we kind of keep to ourselves. We slink around in the background capturing all the moments as they happen. We typically don’t pose you or ask much of you throughout the day. And on the rare occasions that we do, we always carefully assess the situation and make sure timing and the feel of the room are matched.

For those that might be the subject of an interview, though, or want to exchange letters with their future husband/wife but just don’t feel natural in front of a camera. As long as you let us know in advance, we can work around it. We can set up the camera and then step aside to have a conversation, person to person. Or we can pull in someone that would make you more comfortable. We want you to feel comfortable and we’ll do anything we can to make sure that happens!

E: For couples who are uncertain about hiring a videographer, what advice or insights would you offer to help them make an informed decision?

B: Some individuals may overlook the value of a wedding video, assuming that wedding photos suffice. While this perspective may hold true for some, many may not have experienced the depth and emotion captured in a high-quality Catholic wedding film, unlike the secular highlight reels they might be accustomed to. Imagine sitting down to watch a meticulously crafted highlight or documentary-style film of your Catholic wedding, where the vows you exchange are accompanied by the raw emotion in your partner's voice. Picture reliving the carefully selected readings and personalized homily, tailored to your lives and relationship by your priest. In such a film, these elements become the heart of the narrative, transforming the viewing experience beyond merely admiring beautiful images. With a Catholic videographer who comprehends the significance of these moments at the helm, your wedding film transcends ordinary documentation. Each time you revisit it, you not only see but also hear and feel the essence of your commitment, reigniting the emotions of that sacred day.

E: What aspect(s) of your job do you find most fulfilling or enjoyable? 

B: My personal favorite part of this is walking with each of these couples. Being with them as they start this new and beautiful story together. Being present to them. Offering myself to them during this transformative time, whether that’s just in our praying for them throughout the process, offering them a tissue during the toasts, or giving them a pep-talk before they walk down the aisle. I have had the honor of walking in all these ways and more with different couples throughout the years, and I am so excited to continue to walk towards Heaven with each couple.

You can view more of Betsy's work on her website:



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